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Cardio Logs
Half of 2011

by Gary F. Zeolla

These Cardio Logs are continued from Cardio Logs - Second Half of 2010.

I do my cardio in the mornings and lift weights in the late afternoons. I have found this to be a very effective pattern. I work out four days a week, walking twice (M, Th) and hitting a heavy bag on the other two days (Su, W).

The walking steps and mileage are being measured by a pedometer. If you need a pedometer.

The first and last couple of minutes of both the walking and the heavy bag are being done at a slow pace for a warm-up and cool-down, respectively.

I alternate the path I walk. Walking out of my home and to the right on Mondays and to the left on Thursdays. The latter is more hilly. For the heavy bag, I focus on hitting the top half of the bag one time and the bottom half the other time.  Now that I'm back to 15 minutes on the heavy bag, I am working on gradually increasing the intensity rather than the duration, so I will stick with 15 minutes for a while. But of course, it's not possible to show increasing intensity on the chart.

During the winter, there will be times when I will have to shovel snow rather than doing my normal cardio for the day. Come spring, I'll have grass cutting to do. For it, I divide the yard into two parts, each taking a little less than half an hour. But once that becomes a little too easy, I'll begin walking a little extra after cutting grass. The log will reflect both the grass cutting and the extra walking combined.

Mixing things up like this is called cross-training, which prevents overtraining and boredom, and enables different muscle groups to be worked in each cardio workout.

NOTE: At the end of January, due to my age, health, and injuries, I had to cut back on my lifting workouts. As a result, I stopped posting my workout logs. And I didn't see the point of posting my cardio logs without the lifting logs, so I stopped adding to this log as well. I know I won’t be able to make any real progress, so I just don’t see the point in taking the time and effort to post anymore. I doubt anyone will get anything out of my logs.

5/12/14 update: I continued to do cardio until early June 2011. During this time, I increased my walking time somewhat, but the heavy bag time more so. I gradually increased the time about 30 seconds a week, up to 20 minutes But then I had to stop the cardio due to my worsening health. I added my last walk and heavy bag times to the lists below so the reader can see where I was when I stopped. Then after almost three years, I started up again in early May 2014. When I did so, I had to start over. This can be seen at: Cardio Logs - May through August 2014.

Walking Log

Date Time Steps Miles MPH Comments
1-3, M 22:08 2356 0.96 2.61 Sunny, but cold
1-6, Th 23:18 2523 1.03 2.65 Back to a mile!
1-10, M 23:15 2433 0.99 2.55 Very cold
1-13, Th ?       Shovel snow
1-17, M 23:10 2548 1.04 2.69 Cold again
1-20, Th 23:31 2505 1.02 2.60 "
1-24, M Too cold to walk Misc. Stuff
1-27, Th ?       Shovel snow
6-9, Th 24:20       Last walk


Heavy Bag Log

Date Time Comments
1-5, W 15:00  
1-9, Su 15:00  
1-12, W 15:00  
1-16, Su 15:00  
1-19, W 15:00  
1-23, Su 15:00  
1-26, W 15:00  
1-30, Su Skip Planned day off
6-8, W 20:00 Last heavy bag

These cardio logs are continued at Cardio Logs - May through August 2014.

Cardio Logs - First Half of 2011. Copyright 2011 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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