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Full Workout Logs - Starting 8/29/2010

Raw & Equipped Experiment

Weeks 1-2

by Gary F. Zeolla

These workout logs are continued from Full Workout Logs: Starting 8/1/2010 - Off-Season Training - Weeks 7-10 of 10.

See New Suits and Training/ Contest Plans for background to these workouts.

Age: 49.
Weight: See each week. Body fat and lean body mass being measured by digital body fat calipers.

Next contest(s):
A raw and/ or an equipped contest (using single–ply gear) in November and/ or December, 2010.

All lifts done completely raw.
Warm-ups are in brackets. All weights are in pounds. Format: pounds/reps.
Workout times includes set-up, warm-up, lifting, stretching, and clean-up.

See also:
Cardio Logs - Second Half of 2010

Week 1 (Raw Work)

Bodyweight: 121.4 pounds.
Body Fat: 11.4%.
Lean Body Mass: 107 pounds.
Have to watch it; adding back some fat.


Bench Assistance

Sunday – 8/29/10

BB Incline Bench [45/15, 70/10, 90/6] 100/9, 107/7, 115/5, 122/3

Chin-ups: [bwt./8, 2.5/5] 5/9, 7.5/7, 10/5

BB Reverse Curls: 45/12, 47/10, 50/8

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 0:56



Monday – 8/30/10

Raw Squats: [45/20, 115/10, 155/6] 185/9, 205/7, 225/5, 245/3

DB calves: [20/10] 25/12, 27/10, 30/8

Twisting Crunches (reps to each side): 10, 9, 8

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 1:07



Wednesday – 9/1/10

Raw Benches: [45/20, 75/10, 105/6] 120/9, 130/7, 140/5, 150/3

DB Rows (elbows out): [30/10, 40/6] 47/9, 50/7, 52/5

Triceps Pushdowns: 45/12, 47/10, 50/8

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 1:14



Thursday – 9/2/10

Raw Deadlifts: [45/20, 135/10, 185/6, 235/3] 265/9, 285/7, 305/5, 325/3

Hyperextensions: [bwt./10], 10/12. 12/10, 15/8

One Leg Dip Bar Twisting Rev. Crunches (reps to each side): 15, 15, 15

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 1:10

Good thing this was a deload week as I was dragging all week. But then I planned for that. Peak at the end of my “off-season,” then back off and gradually increase the intensity during my “in-season” so that I peak again for a contest at the end of the in-season. At least, that’s the plan.

Week 2 (Gear Test Week)

Bodyweight: 119.6 pounds.
Body Fat: 10.8%.
Lean Body Mass: 107 pounds.


I hadn’t used gear for about three years, and I just got a new squat suit, bench shirt, and DL suit, so this was more of a “gear test week” than anything else. In a nutshell, the “test” failed, so I won’t be using gear. Rather than trying to explain everything here, I am planning on writing a full article for my Web site and newsletter. It will include not just what happened this week but my thoughts on gear and training therefore. It will thus add to what I have to say on these subjects in my powerlifting book. I’ll post a link here when I publish the article.


Bench Assistance

Saturday – 9/4/10

DB Presses (arms together) [10s/15, 17s/6] 22s//9, 25s/7. 27s/5, 30s/3

Lat. Pulldown [45/10, 80/6]/ Parallel Grip Pull-ups: bwt./9, 2.5/7, 5/5

Curl Bar Curls [35/10] 40/12, 42/10, 45/8

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 0:54

I knew I had a family picnic to go to on Labor Day, so I moved this and my next workout up a day so as to have Monday off. The Lat. Pulldowns are being done as a warm-up for the pull-ups. I’m not bothering with the Shoulder Horn/ rotator cuff work as it always seems to lead to overtraining my shoulders.



Sunday – 9/5/10

Equipped Squats:

Gear: Crain: Squat shoes, power belt; 2.5 meter Genesis Power Knee Wraps; Titan: Super Centurion Squat Suit (single-ply); APT: wrist bands.

[45/20, 125/6, 165/6] add suit, straps down: 225/3, straps up: 225/3, add belt & wraps: 265/3, 275/6, 295/4, 315/2

Side Step-ups: skip

Sit-ups: 15, 15, 15

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 1:29

I’ll post more about my suit experiences later. But here, I’ll just say I was only able to get down with the weights for the last two sets.



Wednesday – 9/8/10

Equipped Benches

Gear: Crain: Double Xtreme shirt; APT, bench belt, wrist bands; Nike: sneakers.

[45/20, 75/10, 105/3, experiment with APEX shirt; switch to Crain shirt: 135/4] 155/6, 175/4, 185/2

DB Flyes: skip (wasted too much time of the shirt)

Curl Bar Rows: [65/10, 75/6] 85/9, 90/7, 95/5

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 1:21

My new APT APEX shirt did not work out for reasons I’ll detail later. But here, I switched to my old Crain Double Xtreme shirt for the workout. I could only touch with the 185.



Thursday – 9/9/10

Equipped Deadlifts

Gear: Crain: power belt; Titan: Velocity Deadlift Suit (single-ply); APT: knee sleeves, wrist bands; Nike: wrestling shoes.

[45/20, 185/10, 195/6, add gear: 275/3] 305/6, 325/4, 345/2

Good Mornings (legs bent): skip

Leg Raises: 18, 15, 11

Stretching: 10-15 minutes

Workout time: 1:16

These workout logs are continued at: Full Workout Logs: Starting 9/12/2010 - All-Raw In-Season Training - Weeks 1-4.

The promised article is located at: Training for Raw and Equipped Powerlifting.

Full Workout Logs: Starting 8/29/2010 - Raw & Equipped Experiment - Weeks 1-2. Copyright 2010 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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