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Starting 7/2/07
In Season - Weeks 1-4 of 8

by Gary F. Zeolla

These workout logs are continued from Full Workout Logs: Starting 5/25/07: Basic Cycle; Weeks 6-9 of 9.

Next contest:
IPA PA States, September 22, in New Castle, PA.
114s or 123s, master (45-49).

For details on this routine, see Training Routine Format with Off and In-Season Training.

Warm-ups are in brackets. All weights are in pounds. Format: pounds/reps.
Workout time includes set-up, warm-up, lifting, stretching, and clean-up.

Week One

Bench Assistance/ First day of new routine

Week 1 of 8

Monday – 7/2/07

Speed Band Bench (mini-bands): [45/15, 95/10] add bands: 45/6 x 4

Standing BB Press: [45/10, 60/6, 70/3] 80/6, 85/4

Curl Bar Rows: [35/6, 55/6] 65/6, 75/6

Reverse Curl Bar Curls: 35/10, 40/8

Rotator Cuff (two exercises): [7.5/10] 10/12, 10/12

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:18

This is the first day of my new routine to prepare for my contest. I should get in eight full training weeks before the contest. I will be following the same routine I used last year to prepare for my contest that September, at least the “In-Season” part of it. The “Off-Season” part consisted of all raw work. But since I already did mostly raw lifting with my most recent routine when I was planning on competing raw, I figure I can pick up with the In-Season part of this routine and its focus on doing the powerlifts with gear or with chains and bands.

For this routine, I will be trying something completely different, at least for me. I will move my bench speed work to this day rather than after benches on my regular bench day. However, I still want to do the overhead presses as I think those are helping the weakness in my right shoulder. So I won’t be doing as many sets of speed work as is usually done by those who do it on a separate day. I’m also starting with higher reps, but I might drop them as the weeks proceed.

On this workout, it was basically a “deload” workout, so it was very easy. But it was the first time I did straight bands for a while, so I had a hard time remembering how I set things up!


Independence Day Squats

Week 1 of 8

Wednesday – 7/4/07

Box Squats: [55/15, 95/10, 145/10, 195/6] 215/5, 235/3

Reverse Band Squat (average bands): [245/6, 295/3] 325/5, 345/3

Speed RB Squat: 235/5 x 2

Twisting Leg Raises (reps to each side): 13, 10

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:26

I ordered a Ginny Canvas suit. Ginny said she would have it to me in time for my squat workout next week. So for this week’s workout I did some box squats as I’ve heard that the feel of squatting to a box is similar to squatting in a canvas suit. I am also continuing with the reverse band squats to condition my body to handling the heavier weights that, hopefully, the canvas suit will enable.

That said, I’m still struggling a little with what height of a box to use. When I was warming up, it looked like my box might be a little too low, so I put a 5/8” thick mat on top. But once I got to the heavier weights, that might be too high. Check the video and let me know what you think:

Video 1

I think my depth on the RB Squats looked fine:

Video 2


Benches, Week 1 of 8

Friday – 7/6/07

Chain Bench (set-up weighs about 90 pounds):

[55/15, 95/10, add chains: 55/6, 75/5] 95/5, 110/2

Decline DB Bench: [35s/6, 45s/3] 55s/6, 60s/6

Lat. Pulldown (medium grip): [45/8, 70/4] 80/10, 90/10

Hammer Curls: [10s/10] 20s/12, 25s/10

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:30

This workout took me a little longer as I got new collars for my chains. So I needed to figure out how long to set the leader chain so the chains deloaded properly. But after several tries, I finally got it right:

Video 1

I already had the chains, but what I was doing was to loop the leader chains over the bar. But I had to be careful to pull my fingers out of the way or they would get caught under the chains. But these collars make things much easier.

I had no idea how much weight to use on chain benches. The last set was supposed to be a triple, but I jumped too much and missed the last rep. But I missed it at the same place I usually miss my shirted benches, so the chain weight is probably right.

Video 2

Video 3


Deadlifts, Week 1 of 8

Monday– 7/9/07


Platform DLs (3” platform): [55/15, 145/10, 235/6] 285/5, 305/3

Reverse Band DLs (light bands looped around the safety bars in the top hole of my power rack):

[235/6, 285/3] 325/5, 355/3

Speed RB DLs: [195/6] 215/5, 215/5

Sit-ups: 13, 12

Stretching: ~ 10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:21

For this workout, rather than choking the bands around the top of my power rack, I put safety bars in the top holes of the power rack and choked the bands around them. This way, the bands virtually deload at the top of the lift, so I think it will work out better.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Week Two

Bench Assistance, Week 2 of 8

Wednesday – 7/11/07

Speed Reverse Band Bench (light, #3 bands): [45/15, 95/10; add bands: 115/6]: 125/5, 135/5, 135/5, 135/5

DB Press: [10s/10, 20s/6] 25s/6, 27s/6, 30s/6

DB Rows (elbows in): [30/8, 45/3] 55/6, 55/6

Reverse DB Curls: [10s/10] 20s/10, 22s/10

Rotator Cuff: [5/10] 10/12, 10/12

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:20


Squats, gear experiments

Friday the Thirteenth

Week 2 of 8


[55/15, 145/10, add Frantz suit: 205/--, take off suit, put on Inzer briefs: 205/6, switch to Titan briefs: 205/6, add belt and Titan THP 2.0m wraps: 265/3]

295/5, switch to APT 2.5m wraps: 315/5, 335/4, 355/2

Twisting crunches (reps to each side):

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:

The Ginny canvas suit I ordered did not fit right, so I sent it back for alterations. So for this workout, I was going to use my Frantz squat suit. But I had the same problem as previously when wearing it over briefs; the suit dug into my testicles. So I was not able to use it at all.

The straps are digging into my shoulders as well. The best I can figure, the suit shrunk. Frantz told me that it was okay to put it in the dryer, but I guess not. But what is strange is my Frantz DL still fits fine, and I’ve been caring for it the same way. But at least now I know I can no longer use my Frantz squat suit.

So I took off the suit and put on my Inzer single-ply Power Pants. I was planning on wearing these under my canvas suit when I get it back. But I really did not like the Power Pants. The hemming on the legs really dug in, and they didn’t seem to help much.

So I switched to my Titan briefs. I got these a while a go but never actually used them in a workout. I didn’t like the way they fit. But now, I preferred their fit to the Power Pants. And they seemed to help much more. So I stuck with them for the rest of this workout and will probably use them under my canvas suit.

My first work set I also used my Titan 2.0 meter wraps. But since I was experimenting anyway, I figured I’d compare them to my APT Black Mamba wraps. Now it was not a fair comparison as the APT wraps are 2.5 meters. But I have found that the extra half meter only makes a difference of 5-10 pounds, not the 20 pounds difference I saw here. So I will definitely be sticking with the APT wraps.

I also used my new APT wrist bands rather than wrist wraps. They are easier to tighten and loosen than regular wrist wraps, so that gives me a little less to do on squats. And the wrist bands are more than supportive enough for squats.

Overall, a productive workout in terms of figuring gear issues out. And I was very happy with the weights. I’m on the road to getting my squat back up.

However, when I reviewed the videos on the itty-bitty screen on the camera, the depth looked fine. But once I transferred them to my PC, I’m not so sure. Below are my second and last work sets. Comments are welcome.

Video 1

Video 2


Benches, Week 2 of 8

Monday – 7/16/07


(Gear: Crain “combo” shirt, APT 24” Black Mamba wrist wraps)

[45/15, 95/10, add shirt and wraps, 145/6, 175/3] 195/5, 205/3, 215/2, 225/1

Lat. Pulldowns (underhand grip): [45/8, 70/4] 90/10, 95/10

DB Wrist Rotations: [10/12] 11/12, 11/12

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:14

I wasn’t thrilled with the Double-Phenom shirt , so I returned it. It wasn’t any better than my old shirt. So I will stick with it for my upcoming contest. And this workout with it went very well. My sets and reps here were almost identical to my final workout before my last contest, and I still got six weeks to go.



Week 2 of 8

Wednesday – 7/18/07


(Gear: Crain power belt, Frantz double-ply poly deadlift suit, APT knee sleeves and wrist bands; Nike wrestling shoes)

[55/15, 145/10, add suit: 235/6, add belt & wraps: 305/3] 335/5, 355/3, 375/2, 395/1

DB Calves: [10/10] 12/12, 12/12

Leg Raises: 20, 20

Stretching: ~ 10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:29

Week Three

Bench Assistance, Week 3 of 8

Friday – 7/20/07

Speed Band Bench (mini-bands): [45/15, 95/10, add bands: 45/6] 55/6, 55/6, 55/5, 55/5

Standing BB Press: [45/10, 60/6, 75/3] 85/6, 90/4

Curl Bar Rows: [45/6, 70/6] 85/6, 95/6

Reverse Curl Bar Curls: [35/10] 40/10, 45/10

Rotator Cuff (two exercises): [7.5/10] 11/12, 11/12

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:15

Speed Band Bench video

Note that I am pausing each rep at the chest. This way, I can practice “exploding” off of the chest.

Curl Bar Rows video

Rotator Cuff video

These are what I call “Out and In” exercises. Of course, the exercises are repeated with the other arm. Note that on the DBs I am using “fractional plates.” These consist of two each of 1.0s, 3/4s, 1/2s, and 1/4s. For exercise like this, these are ideal for gradual increases. They are available at: Amazon.


Squats, Week 3 of 8/ Trying new canvas suit

Monday – 7/23/07

Reverse Band Squat (average bands): [55/15, add bands: 195/10, 245/6, 300/3] 335/5, 365/2, 385/1

Box Squats: [145/6, 195/3] 215/5, 235/5

Squats with canvas suit: 235/2

Twisting Leg Raises (reps to each side): 15, 11

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:45

The RB squats went very well; I just jumped a little too much in weight from the first to second set. For the box squats, I did not use the mat on the top of the box. So my depth was lower and more than good enough. But even with going a little deeper, I actually felt stronger and thus did more reps on the last set than I hade planned.

Box squat video

Note: The song playing in the background is currently my favorite song, “Love Addict” by Family Force 5, a Christian rock group.

The workout time is meaningless as my new Ginny Canvas suit came in the mail during this workout. So I just had to try it on. And it seems to fit just right. At first I didn’t think I would be able to get it on as I could only get it halfway up. But then I remembered something I read on in a forum, to put the straps over the bar in the power rack and sit into the suit. I tried that, and it worked very well. I slipped into the suit rather easily.

I then tried a light set with 235, since that’s what I had on the bar from my last set of box squats. I didn’t have the straps pulled very tight, but as you can see from the video, I didn’t even come close to getting down low enough. But that is good. I’ll be using at least a hundred pounds more next week when I put in my first workout with the suit.

Getting the suit off was not too difficult. I was able to double it down over itself about halfway, and then push it off from there. My only decision now is if I should stick with my single-ply Titan briefs or get double-ply briefs. But I’ll wait until I put in my workout next week to decide on that.

I also tried getting into deadlift poison, and with grabbing the bar and pulling myself down, I think I will be able to use the canvas suit for DLs. But again, I’ll find out next week during my geared DL workout.

Pic of me wearing the suit

Video of the light set


Benches, Week 3 of 8

Wednesday – 7/25/07

Chain Bench (set-up weighs about 90 pounds):

[55/15, 95/10, add chains: 55/6, 80/5] 100/5, 110/3, 120/1

Decline DB Bench: [40s/6, 55s/3] 65s/5, 65s/5

Lat. Pulldown (medium grip): [55/8, 80/4] 95/10, 100/6

Hammer Curls: [20s/10] 27s/6, 26s/8

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:26


Deadlifts, Week 3 of 8

Friday – 7/27/07


Reverse Band DLs (light bands looped around the safety bars in the top hole of my power rack):

[55/15, add bands: 195/10, 245/6, 305/3] 335/5, 365/3, 395/1

Platform DLs (3” platform): [205/6, 265/3] 295/5, 315/3

Sit-ups: [--/10] 5/12, 5/12

Stretching: ~ 10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:23

Week Four

Bench Assistance, Week 4 of 8

Monday – 7/30/07

Speed Reverse Band Bench (light, #3 bands):

[45/15, add bands: 115/10]: 135/5, 140/5, 140/5, 140/5

DB Press: [10s/10, 22s/6, 27s/3] 32s/5, 32s/5

DB Rows (elbows in): [32/8, 45/3] 55/6, 60/4

Reverse DB Curls: [15s/10] 25s/9, 25s/10

Rotator Cuff: [7.5/10] 12/12, 12/12

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:12


Squats/ First workout with Ginny canvas suit

Wednesday – 8/1/07

Week 4 of 8


(Gear: Crain power belt, squat shoes, Titan single-ply briefs, Ginny canvas suit, APT 2.5m Black Mamba knee wraps, APT wrist bands)

[55/15, 145/10, add briefs: 235/6, add suit: 295/3] add belt & wraps: 325/5, 345/4, 365/3, 385/2

Twisting crunches (reps to each side): [--/12] 2.5/7, 2.5/8

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:42

This was first squat workout using my new Ginny canvas suit. And it went very well. I was only hoping to single the 385, but I was able to double it.

My favorite part of the suit is the “front loops” in the straps. With these, I don’t’ have to actually take the straps on and off between sets. I can leave them in place and easily tighten and loosen them. You can see this in the video.

This was my set with 365. The first rep I tried using a slightly closer stance, but that did not feel good, and I didn’t quite break parallel. So I managed to move my feet out just a little bit on the next two reps, and that felt better and my depth was better as well. For my last set, I used a slightly wider stance yet, and that felt very good. But unfortunately, the batteries died in my camera, so I didn’t get a video.

But I’m not completely sure on the fit of the suit. When putting it on, I wrap the straps over the bar in my power rack, and I just sit down and easily slip into place. So I’m thinking that going double-ply on the briefs might be possible and worthwhile.


Benches, Week 4 of 8

Friday – 8/3/07


(Gear: Crain “combo” shirt, APT wrist bands)

[45/15, 95/10, add shirt and wraps, 150/6, 180/3] 200/5, 210/3, 220/1, 230/--

Lat. Pulldowns (underhand grip): [50/8, 80/4] 100/8, 100/8

DB Wrist Rotations: [10/12] 12/12, 12/12

Stretching: ~10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:22

I was very tired for this workout and probably should have taken the day off. On the last rep of the second set, something didn’t feel right in the area over my sternum. I didn’t think much of it at the time and finished my workout. But afterwards, it was really bothering. So I will be icing it over the weekend. Hopefully, it will be okay by Monday.

Wrist Rotations: Picture of set-up, Video



Week 4 of 8

Wednesday – 8/8/07


(Gear: Crain power belt, single-ply briefs, Titan briefs, Ginny canvas suit, Frantz DL suit, APT knee sleeves and wrist bands; Nike wrestling shoes)

[55/15, 145/10, try Crain briefs, switch to Titan briefs: 235/6, add Canvas suit: 305/3] switch to Frantz suit and add belt & wraps: 345/4, 365/3, 385/1, 400/1

DB Calves: [10/10] 15/12

Leg Raises: 20

Stretching: ~ 10 minutes

Workout Time: 1:43

The area over my sternum was still bothering me on Monday, so I took the day off and moved this workout to Wednesday. And it felt fine, so I think I’ll be okay in that regard.

That said, gear problems with this workout. First, I tried using my Crain briefs, but they didn’t feel right, so I switched to my Titan briefs. Then I tried using my new Ginny canvas suit, but I wasn’t able to get into proper position. So I took the suit and briefs off and put on my Frantz DL suit. And I’ll stick with it until at least my contest.

After all of that, I was rather tired, so my workout went okay, but not great. And since the workout was dragging on, I only did one set of DB calves and leg raises rather than my planned two sets.

These workout logs are continued at Full Workout Logs: Starting 8/10/07: In-Season - Weeks 5-8 of 8.

Full Workout Logs: Starting 7/2/07: In-Season - Weeks 1-4 of 8. Copyright 2007 by Gary F. Zeolla.

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