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I work out four times a week rotating through four basic workouts: Bench Assistance/ Squat/ Bench Press/ Deadlift. On this page are listed videos of my Bench Press Workouts. For these, I do bench presses and/ or flat bench press look-alike lifts, speed work, and bent-over upper back work, thus four exercises of 3 work sets each. The video is of my top set or two for at least my first two exercises of the workout. Starting in late-April, sets marked with an exclamation point are 50s PRs, and sets marked with a caret (^) tied 50s PRs. As always, sets marked with an asterisk did not go as planned. For benches and look-alike lifts, I am wearing a Crain power belt and Genesis wrist wraps, plus Adidas AdiPower lifting shoes. For my other three workouts, Workout Videos. See also: Full Workout Logs: 2014-15 and Weightlifting Exercises Videos.

The shorthand is date (month/day/year), followed by exercise and pounds/ reps.


2015-16 Training Plan

2016 Training Plan

2016-17 Training Plan

2017 Training Routine: Stage One

2017 Training Routine: Stage Two

2017-18 Training Plan

Winter 2018 Off-Season

Spring 2018 Training

Tetra Summer 2018 Training Plan


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Powerlifting and Strength Training
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Books and eBooks by the Director