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Wraps Inventory and Comments on Wraps

In the midst of my spring cleaning, I did an inventory of the wraps I am using for training and competition.

Genesis 2.5 meter knee wraps – 4 (2 very worn, 2 good)
Genesis 60 cm wrist wraps – 2 (1 worn, 1 like new)
Redline wrist wraps – 1 (worn)

Original knee sleeves – 3 (2 very worn, 1 good)
Wrist bands – 3 (all very good)
Heavy knee sleeves – 4 (1 good, 3 like new)

The picture below is of this gear (click a pic for a larger image).

On the left are the APT knee sleeves and wrist bands I wear for deadlifts. I use these knee sleeves for deadlifts as they’re thin enough that they do not get in the way like heavier knee sleeves do, but they still provide sufficient support to protect my knees, and they look very nice. But I doubt they will last much longer, and APT no longer has them available. But they are about the same as Mueller knee sleeves, which APT now sells.

I know most do not wear wrist support on deadlifts, but I always have as I’ve had problems with my wrists. I used to wear drugstore-type wrist wraps until I got these APT wrist bands. They provide more support but do not get in the way of the pull. The three pairs I have should last a long time, and APT still has them available, albeit in a different color (see Wrist Bands).

On the right in front is my lone pair of Redline wrist wraps. Crain no longer has them available. But no matter as I prefer his Genesis wrist wraps, which are next up. Those two pairs should last quite a while, and Crain still has them available. I prefer Crain Genesis wrist wraps, as they are easier to put on than most and fit me well and support very well. I especially like that they have wrist loops rather than thumb loops.

The Genesis knee wraps are in the back. They probably won’t last long. But again, no matter, as I am planning on upgrading to 3.0 meter wraps in the near future, and these being worn will give me an excuse to spend the money. My tentative plan is to use these 2.5 meter wraps for the rest of my current 12 week routine. I will not use knee wraps in my next 12 week routine with only doing look-alike lifts, but I will use them again in the routine after that leading up to my next contest in November of this year (2015). That routine will probably start around the end of August, so it might be best to get the 3.0 meter wraps before then so I can start with them at the beginning of that routine.

I will stick with Crain Genesis knee wraps, as I have found them to be the most helpful and the easiest to wrap. Also, notice how small the rolled wraps are. If I were to put a rolled pair of just about any other brand besides them, you would see how much smaller the roll is. If you compare the two wrist wraps, you’ll see why. The material in the Genesis wraps is much thinner, but it supports even better than the Redline wraps and any other brand of wraps I have tried (and I have tried many). This makes handling the Genesis wraps much easier. The material is also rather flexible, so the wrist wraps conform to my wrists and thus supports them better than others, and I can easily wrap my knees and tie the wraps with my crisscross method of wrapping. This is not the case with many other wraps. The only thing about them is they are a bit slippery, but that is easily solved by chalking one side of the wraps and inside the wrist loops on the wrist wraps.

These Crain wraps can be ordered at Power Knee and Wrist Wraps. Note: 3.0 meter knee wraps are not indicted on this page, but Ricky told me via email conversation that he does have such available, but you need to order them via phone. For some reason which he did not explain, he does not advertise them.

APT’s heavy knee sleeves didn’t fit on my washer for the first picture, so I took a picture of them separately. I wore these for one contest back in 2008 and use them regularly for doing squat look-alike lifts. I really like them as they provide plenty of support, but they are easy to put on and take off. It would makes things easier for me if I were to compete wearing knee sleeves instead of knee wraps. My squat workouts with wraps are my longest workouts and leave me the most tired out afterwards due to the wrapping and rolling up of the wraps. However, I am planning on using knee wraps for the foreseeable future to give me the best advantage for the All-time raw masters records and the All-time raw open ranking lists, as both are for with or without wraps.

And finally, it should be noted that all of this gear is red and/ or black. My Crain power belt is red, and my lifting shoes are white, red and black, and black, and my singlets are red and/ or black. This is no accident as red is my favorite color and red and black is my favorite color scheme.

Wraps Inventory and Comments on Wraps. Copyright 2015 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above forum post was posted on this website April 23, 2015.

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