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Annual Physical Exam - 2016

By Gary F. Zeolla

        This article is an update to Annual Physical Exam - 2015.

I had a doctor’s appointment for my annual physical exam on Friday, October 28, 2016. Prior to it, I had checked my blood pressure (BP) and resting heart rate (RHR) with my home monitor. It was: BP: 112/ 75, RHR: 43. Normal is BP: 120/ 80, RHR: 60-80, so that is very good for someone in his mid-50s. In fact, I said about the same thing back in 2008 when I was in my late 40s and my numbers at home were:  120/80, 60 at home and at the doctor’s office: 122/ 84, 64. I was thus anxious to see what it would be at the doctor’s office now.

Along with my annual physical, I was also getting a flu shot. The nurse got the stuff out for both the flu shot and for taking my blood pressure, but then she began giving me the flu shot first. I hate shots and always turn my head away, so I thought of saying she should do it the other way around, as the flu shot might mess up my blood pressure reading. But I figured she know what she was doing, so I kept quiet. Big mistake.

After the flu shot, my BP was 122/ 78. That was a bit higher than I expected, but I didn’t think it was that off, so I didn’t say anything. But then when she said my RHR was 88, I knew that was wrong and told her so. That is when I told her she should have done it the other way around. After a minute or so, she retook my RHR, and sure enough, it was now down to 60, and that is what she wrote on my chart. Then a minute or so later, after she left the room, I took it myself, and it was down to 46, about what I had expected. I really should have spoken up in the first place. I am guessing my BP would have also been lower if I had done so.

In any case, going with my home numbers as I don’t trust the ones at the doctor’s office, I am doing better now than I was a few years ago. The reason is probably because I have conditioned myself to handle a greater workload in my workouts. I am working out about twice as much now in my mid-50s as I was in my late 40s. However, my lifts weight-wise are still not quite back up to then, but I am closing in on them.

Otherwise at the doctor’s office, everything was fine as far as the things the doctor can check in the office. My eyes, ears, throat, skin, all of that is okay. I even commented to the doctor that if it were not for my allergies/ multiple chemical sensitivities, I would be doing rather well. But I then I explained to him how very much those are affecting my life. I considered printing up my article on My Life with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and giving it to him, but it would have been three pages, so I knew he wouldn’t take the time to actually read it. I mean, a doctor spending that much time understanding his patient’s problems is not something I’ve ever experienced with our screwed-up health care system.

Unfortunately, my doctor’s office does not draw blood, so after the appointment, I went across the parking lot to an out-patient center for my local hospital and had blood drawn for a basic blood test. I just got the blood test results back. They were:

Total Cholesterol: 206 (<200)*

HDL: 74 (>39)

LDL: 120 (<100; Mayo Clinic: <130)*

TC/ HDL Ratio: 2.78 (<5.0)

Triglycerides: 61 (>150)


Comparing this to my last test (see Annual Physical Exam – 2015):

Total Cholesterol: 210 (<200)*

HDL: 69 (>39)

LDL: 132 (<100; Mayo Clinic: <130)*

TC/ HDL Ratio: 3.04 (<5.0)

Triglycerides: 61 (>150)


As can be seen, I am doing very well. My LDL and total cholesterol went down slightly, probably due to reducing from 14 to 10 eggs per week. Depending on which “normal” level to go by, my numbers are only slightly higher than normal, or even below normal. But my already high HDL went up, probably due to working out more. As a result, my TC/ HDL ratio is even better than it was. As such, I am in fine shape, as that ratio is the most important.

This fine shape is due to my meticulous attention to my eating plan, consuming whole, natural, mostly organic foods, as discussed in my book God-given Foods Eating Plan, along with vigorous training. Also, l thank God I have been sleeping better most of the time, and my stress levels are being kept reasonably low due to trusting in the LORD and Him working sovereignly in my life, as discussed in my book The LORD Has It Under Control. No drugs and with just a couple of supplements, as such is not needed with the preceding.

It is because of doing so well despite ongoing problems that I could get back into powerlifting competition and have (almost) finished four books in the past 1-1/2 years. I thank the LORD for all of this. To Him be the glory.

Annual Physical Exam - 2016. Copyright 2016 by Gary F. Zeolla.

The above article was posted on this site November 4, 2016.

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